About Drŏd

Hello, my name is Jordan Gold. However, on the internet, I like to be referred to as Drŏd. What is Drŏd, you may ask? Well, my family began calling me J-rod as a joke. Shortly, this joke was no longer funny, and I was being called everything, except for Jordan. Ranging from J-pod, J-rod to Poddles, Dripple Drops, Drŏddle Pods, and Drŏd.

I began web design back in the summer of 2006. I had opened up a Myspace Layout site that was named Layouts 24/7. The site did really well, even after my first account got hacked into and deleted by some random internet twirp. The 2nd ended with over 250,000 friends, and got hacked once again. I learned basic HTML and CSS there, which led me to create my first website; KillingInTheName.com. This website featured a blog, and a bunch of graphic design resources and tutorials that I created. This allowed me to expand my knowledge over the next couple years, which is exactly what I did. I then opened up Droddle.com in early 2010 after I started doing a lot of freelance work.

Currently, I am a full-time freelance web developer, and a full-time college student at DePaul University studying Interactive Media. I find web design to be my one and only passion in life, and I don’t plan on giving up any time soon. This website is just another chapter of my design life, and I am excited to see what this site beholds.