Pretty Lights Music Video – “Double Love”

So this past quarter at school, I had to take a foundations of cinema class for my major. At first I was unsure how I felt about it, since I am not a huge fan of movies, but it ended up being really cool. I recently watched Citizen Kane in the class, and I feel that I have really discovered a new love for film.

For the final project, we had to make a short video, with not many constraints. So, giving that I like the music producer, Derek Vincent Smith, (aka Pretty Lights), I decided to make a three minute music video for one of his songs, called “Double Love”.

The city is Chicago, which I must say is an extremely photogenic city, haha. I am biased however. I just learned how to use Adobe Premier for this project, and I am for sure going to be using it more in the future.

Hope you guys liked it. I am taking a quarter off from school to work on websites, so this place is going to hopefully start working better soon. I have been super lazy, sorry guys.


Droddle-ized 2013 Style

After a long break from this website, I have made my plans for this year to be the comeback of I have been working and in school for the past two years now, and through that time, I was able to learn more and more about graphic design and interaction design. I feel that I have furthered my skills as a designer, and I am once again ready to show everyone what I can do.

The first big addition I will be making to this website is the addition of my portfolio. I am planning on creating a highly interactive portfolio that will display all of my work and designs. Then, I will make it my duty to add all of my best photoshop brushes and other downloads & resources for all of you guys to once again use. And last but not least, I will be creating more tutorials for you all to use.

So with the new year, and new beginning, and new me. I have made many resolutions this year. I have quit smoking cigarettes, and started working out, being healthier, and it feels great! I want to continue this positive thought process through the entirety of this year, and stop waiting for things to happen, and to start making them happen. In the mean time, follow me on Twitter (@droddle) or Instagram (@drodinteractive), and I will see all you guys soon!