Pretty Lights Music Video – “Double Love”

So this past quarter at school, I had to take a foundations of cinema class for my major. At first I was unsure how I felt about it, since I am not a huge fan of movies, but it ended up being really cool. I recently watched Citizen Kane in the class, and I feel that I have really discovered a new love for film.

For the final project, we had to make a short video, with not many constraints. So, giving that I like the music producer, Derek Vincent Smith, (aka Pretty Lights), I decided to make a three minute music video for one of his songs, called “Double Love”.

The city is Chicago, which I must say is an extremely photogenic city, haha. I am biased however. I just learned how to use Adobe Premier for this project, and I am for sure going to be using it more in the future.

Hope you guys liked it. I am taking a quarter off from school to work on websites, so this place is going to hopefully start working better soon. I have been super lazy, sorry guys.